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Brainstormhome is under development
We are working to improve Brainstorm@home and are noting all the issues that are pointed out at the forums. Unfortunately we cannot address them yet. We need to focus on the science behind Brainstorm@home for a while, and we prefer to wait until we can work on Brainstorm@home full-time instead of rushing into it now. We will then address issues like the SSL certificate, BoincStats and FreeDC listing, improving team creation, solving errors in WUs… etc.
Please continue commenting on the forum if you find something else to address!
12 Mar 2019, 14:10:17 UTC · Discuss

New app! Structural insights into the modulation of the NMDA receptor by GM1
You can now collaborate in the structural research of NMDA modulation by participating in our new app: NMDA!
5 Sep 2018, 15:33:45 UTC · Discuss

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